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Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have. We can help you get there.

On average, it will take 3 to 5 visits.  Precise impression and measurements are needed for a custom fit. Try-ins are scheduled so you can see what the dentures will look like before they are finished so that changes can be made. We do not rush our cases to insure quality. Usually, some cases can take up to a month to finish.

New dentures even if you have had previous sets will need a little practice at the beginning; Very much to riding a new bike. Using smaller bites and softer food is a good way to get used to the new “feel” of the dentures. Through time, you will grow more comfortable with wearing your new dentures.

Most people transition fairly well with new dentures. Speaking is practiced at the try-in stage and adjustments can be made before the dentures are finished. If there is a slight difference, practice with the new set will get you more acquainted with your new appliances and your tongue and cheeks will soon adapt.

Dentures don’t last a lifetime! Chewing and brushing will wear away the denture material and the teeth. Your bone and oral structures also change over time and these factors will determine when new dentures are needed. Dentures usually last between 3-7 years, depending on post insertion care and severity of the case. 

The simple answer is NO! Contact your denturist immediately to have your broken dentures assessed. Repairs generally can be done the same day. Using glue can sometimes make the repair more difficult and could add to the cost and the length of time needed to repair the situation.

Depending on your coverage. All insurance company co-payments are accepted at our clinic. An estimate is sent to your insurance company for your pre-approval of coverage.

Referrals are not necessary. You can book directly with us by contacting us at 416-252-DENT for a free consultation.

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