Shore Side Denture Clinic


In some unfortunate situations, a denture may crack, break or a tooth may fall out. At Shore Side Denture Clinic, we can help fix your appliance back to its original state.

Broken, worn down or poor-fitting dentures need not always be replaced. We can repair your dentures while you wait. 

With a broken denture, it can be very uncomfortable to wear and can as well be cosmetically unpleasing. Patients are advised to not wear broken dentures for it may cause other undesired complications in the mouth.

Our Services

Midline Cracks

​Tooth Addition

Tooth Chips or Fractures

Base Hairline or Mini Cracks

​Customer Service and Policy

We guarantee a well-fitting, pain free and functional denture or your money back. However, satisfaction may vary in between patients. We will ensure that every setback, will be accounted for, within reasonable means. Our staff will educate all of our clients in regards to maintenance of their appliance to set out a long lasting product.